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A story of two young Indian gay guys – I had been married for three years when my wife and I took a vacation and traveled to stay with one of her childhood friends. He is quite openly and flagrantly gay and was living with a gay friend, Danish. They were not serious lovers, just two young Indian gay guys who shared an apartment and enjoyed the gay party life together. They were both handsome, openly friendly young men.

We spent one afternoon on their balcony, drinking, smoking a little pot, telling stories. My mind buzzed with the effects of this cocktail. Danish had left us there to go and get ready for his evening shift at work. What took over then, I don’t know, but I tipped my head up and brought myself up to the young gay guy.

Unexpected awakening by a young Indian Gay

The hand at my back stroked my ass which sent further thrills through my highly charged nervous system. Young Indian gay guy put some lube in his hand then reached down between us. I felt pressure against my hole again, more intense, then I was opening up to him as his big thick cock was spreading me, filling me.

Young gay guy was pushing, opening me up, but so slowly, so deliciously slowly, that the overall sensation was pure desperate pleasure. Young gay guy read me like a book; whenever I thought it was about to get painful, he pulled back or eased up for a moment, but he never let up. The constant stretching, probing pressure should have been painful but in my horny state it was incredible. Young Indian gay guy pushed deeper and deeper until I couldn’t take any more.

Young Indian gay guy was moving again, rocking his hips now in slow shallow strokes that had every nerve ending crying out in pleasure.

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